Oceanic Probe LX BC Review

If you’re looking for a Jacket- Style BC but want all the features of  a more tech oriented  BC to carry lots of gadgets then you should definable consider the Oceanic Probe LX BCD.  In this review we are going to look at why this BC is perfect for divers who  prefer a jacket and like to carry lots of gadgets on there dives.Also, we will look at some of the good features of the BC, as well as the bad, what other divers are saying about the BC, and where to get it for the best price online.

The great thing about the Oceanic Probe LX which makes it stand out from other dive BC on the market today is its Huge storage capacity. Utilizing the 2 massive  zippered pockets at the front you’ll be able to take virtually anything on your dive. These pockets are perfect for a  dive lights, a small underwater camera, or just about anything you can think of.

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Sherwood Avid BCD Review

Sherwood Avid BC ReviewsOkay, you obviously came to this page because you are looking to buy the Sherwood Avid BCD and want to get an honest review, right? If not then you are on the wrong page.

In this review we are going to look at what make the Sherwood Avid different from other BCs, The good vs the bad, what other divers are saying about this BC, and where to get it for the best price online.

First,  lets look at some of the features of this BCD that make it different from other BC’s on the market today.

The Avid is a jacket-style BC, this makes it easy to float on the surface because it completely wraps air around the diver.

The 3D air cell and suspension strap  work together to guarantee a secure fit while also eliminating squeeze when the BC is full inflated.

The Newly improved forward location of the CQR-2 weight system makes loading weight much easier.  It also provides a reliable and simple way to carry weights on the BC, making it balanced for comfortable swimming body position.

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Zeagle Stiletto BCD Review

Zeale Stiletto ReviewDesigned as  light weight but rugged back inflated full featured BC, the Zeagle Stiletto is idea for diver who might do both warm or temperate water diving but do not need the the higher lift or twin tank capability of more heavy duty Zeagle BCD.

However, its durable reinforced 1000 denier nylon bladder has sufficient lift and weight capacity for most average sized divers to use in their local environments, yet packs easily into a lightweight travel system.

The Stiletto makes it easy to attach dive accessories with five stainless steel D-Rings. Three are located on the vest and two more on the shoulder of the BC.

This BC is ideal for divers who want rugged yet lightweight system that can be used for both local diving and travel but does not compromise on features or performance.

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